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Psychiatrist Dr. William Dodson believes that Children with ADHD hear 20k times more negative messages from parents, teachers, and other adults than their siblings and friends without ADHD (see the article on here). We are failing our children at this alarming rate. It starts at home with parents changing the way the talk to and train up their children. I’m LeighAnna Morris and I am an Advanced Certified ADHD Life Coach and I am a Christian. I am currently completing the assessment protocol to gain my ICF credentials.

My deepest desire is to help parents learn how to understand their ADHD child better as well as to learn how to engage in a more healthy and productive way. My goal is to help create calm, and fun households where children with ADHD are thriving and being set up for success into adulthood, and all with a biblical perspect.


Research on ADHD is still being done and I am on a crusade to bring about culture change regarding this diagnosis in Abilene, TX, and around the world. 

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